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Victor Guillermo – Personal Mortem

What Went Right: After a long and interesting 11 weeks, we all came together as a team and made a very nicely polished vertical slice. Compared to last term in Game Workshop 1, Dreamcharmer looks fantastic. The art assets, the particles, and the sound design truly add so much to the game. Although we had … Continue reading Victor Guillermo – Personal Mortem

Giselle Martinez | Post Mortem

  Went Right: I feel the art side went very right very quickly. We were all able to use Amy's original pieces as a start and create cohesive assets that fit together with each other. I really love the overall aesthetic of the game and am proud of the pieces I was able to contribute … Continue reading Giselle Martinez | Post Mortem

Personal Postmortem | Week 9 (Summer)

Prepare for a wall of text... Things that went right + lessons learned: This quarter we split off into three separate teams—art, design, and programming—and overall that was a good way to handle such a large group. I think I did my best as Art Director and I'm proud of the Art Team for almost … Continue reading Personal Postmortem | Week 9 (Summer)